What we do

Our job is to assist film, advertising and TV productions in finding shooting locations in North Karelia, eastern Finland. We scout the locations, act as location managers and represent our customers in making local agreements. For media groups we can find suitable interviewees. 

We work in co-operation with local officials and the East Finland Film Commission, which co-ordinates the area’s national and international film and TV productions.

Who we are

We are local people who have also seen a bit of the world, including experience of media productions. We are based in Joensuu, the capital of North Karelia Province. We have the advantage of knowing the area thoroughly, including both suitable locations and a strong network of personal contacts. In addition to our basic team we can find competent production staff. Interested? Check out our CVs – click the photos.



Contact us by phone or e-mail, preferably the latter (time differences). We aim to answer within 1 working day.

You can send your message using the form below (which provides you with a copy to your own e-mail address) or by e-mailing to: